Diva Beauty Poole


Here at our salon we have 3 nail technicians. All of us are trained in the latest gel nail techniques.  We have about 120 different gel polish colours and we use  Gel II and Madam Glam and The Gel Bottle. One gel polish doesnt suit everyone so we hope to find something you like. We take our time to ensure the proper removal of your nails and we like to help our clients grow their own nails. 

Gel II™ has just won the readers award for the best Gel Polish and it’s popularity is taking the UK by storm. Infused with micronised calcium your nails will be stronger and healthier than ever before.

We use The Natural Spa Factory organic products for our spa treatments. They are completely natural and smell amazing. 

We can offer you The Gel Bottle extensions which are designed to be infilled and are very hard wearing but still reasonably priced. 

We also have dip and buff acrylic suited for shorter overlays and extensions and comes in lots of colours. 

There is also 4d gel which is a hybrid of gel and acrylic and is a soak off product. Its designed to create beautiful enhancements without filing the natural nail. 

There are so many nail products that we offer your welcome to come in and talk to us about the options. Our main priority is keeping your nails healthy and strong.