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Autumn feels

Posted by Sarah Barnett on October 21, 2020 at 8:40 AM

Well what a year its been so far! 

Lets hope it can only get better. I know that I personally have been looking at pampering myself a bit more and looking for relaxing treatments. With Halloweeen coming up its such a lovely time of year with all the gold leaves falling to the floor. 

However this weather can make your skin dry so now is the perfect time to start exfoliating your body and applying a daily moisturiser to your skin. 

Have you seen my new treatment?

This luxurious autumnal treatment begins with a deep cleanse of the back followed by a soothing hot stone massage, this combined with warm ginger and wild orange aromatherapy oils will melt away any tension and stress. Continuing with a pressue point scalp and facial massage will help calm a busy mind. To complete the treatment a mini facial tailored to your skin will leave you feeling ready for the cold weather.

All of this for just £50 personally think its a bargain. Not only that my new treatment room is so relaxing, with a warm bed and lots of blankets. This is a lovely warming treatment with the hot stone massage being a wonderful treat. Massage is so good for the mind and helping you to deal with any stress your under. 

Personally I love a deeply nourishing facial as I feel my skin gets quite red in this weather. Whatever your skin type I have a solution as all facials are mixed and tailored for you. 


Posted by Sarah Barnett on September 27, 2020 at 10:35 AM

With more and more of us all wearing masks all day there is a new skin problem called maskne. 

The medical term for Maskne is acne mechanic, a skin condition brough on by prolonged wear of personal protective equipment. Masks impose heat , friction and occlusion on the skin and when combined with a moist environment from breathing, talking or sweating this is a recipe for breakouts. Pores get clogged and can become pimples or acne cysts. On top of that heat and sweat can cause the skin to become dry, itchy and raw. 

What you can do to prevent it

Wash your face first using a gentle cleanser that is free of fragrance and oil and rinse with lukewarm water. This prevents dirt and oil from being trapped on the skin surface which can cause breakouts. 

Apply a moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and act as a barrier between your face and mask which will reduce friction. Ditch the makeup as this will make it worse. 

Wash your mask every day as oil and dirt can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 

What can I do to help? 

I would recommend a facial tailored to your skin type which will help reduce breakouts and kill bacteria. If you purchase any products after your facial I will give you 10% off your products all through October

While I have been away

Posted by Sarah Barnett on May 1, 2020 at 10:55 AM

So far in the last 12 months I have done an incredible amount of courses. I can always learn new things from the lash and brow masters of this world. I am so ready to come back to work now. 

Mega lash and styling by Lash Tribe in Australia

Brow master lamination by Claudia Louise

I have done 3 brow mapping and tinting courses - one was with Aimee Evans who is amazing at brows

Eyelash styling by Frankie Widdows

Kim K lashes using an amazing technique by a well known Russian lash artist.

I decided I wanted to excel in lashes and brows and really feel like I have. The training is out of this world and I can't wait to showcase all I have learnt when we go back. Not only that I can pass all my knowledge on to my students that train with me.

Not only do I feel like I have new skills that I have learnt, it's always great to learn from other people. 

Corona virus update

Posted by Sarah Barnett on May 1, 2020 at 9:05 AM

Hi everyone

Firstly I just want to say these are tremendously hard times for all of us. Having our lives turned upside down and changed along with the fear of catching Coronavirus. I for one have decided to stay positive and embrace learning new skills and enjoying spending time with my wonderful fiancee Ben and my daughter. I have no idea when or if life will ever be the same but I know I appreciate what I had so much more. 

We still don't have a date for when salons can reopen but I am taking my own precautions after doing a lot of research into what I need to do to stay safe. As I work from home its important I dont take risks for my clients and my family. 

So far I have decided to do the following~ 

I will be wearing a mask during your whole appointment from arrival

Most treatments I will wear gloves and disinfect my hands in between clients as well

All tools will be sanitised as per my usual routines but put away in a sterile box in between clients.

All blankets locked away in sealed box 

Clients will be required to bring own mask and leave this on until they leave

Clients required to leave all items in a closed box - coat, phone bag etc that I can sanitise in between clients. No phones allowed out they must stay in the box

All shoes removed at door

Hair nets to be worn by client during treatments when I am sat closely to your face 

All items on bed to be changed for every client along with a plastic washable cover that will be sanitised in between clients. 

All blankets removed but if you are cold I will provide one that will be washed in hot wash and not be used again for another client

All surfaces touched by me and client to be sanitised in between clients

All product bottles are now in pump dispensers and will be washed in between clients

20 minutes in between each client for me to clean. Clients will get a text to ask them to come to the door. Clients need to wait for this text before coming to the door.

That's what I am planning so far, they may be other things I add as we learn more. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well xxx

Top Beauty Trends 2017

Posted by Sarah Barnett on August 6, 2017 at 3:25 AM

I know its only August but before we know it Autumn will be here. 

The top trends coming for this Autumn / Winter include

1. Bold statments nails - designs include gold chrome nails, black pointed nails, nude nails, nails with pressed flowers and pearls

2. Metallic make up especially silver on the eyes

3. Massive 60's lashes are back for top and bottom lids

4. Strong statment eyes with 2 bold colours

5. Bold boyish styled eyebrows - time to let them grow!

6. Lots of smudged eyeliner especially on the lower lids

7. Stained lips that are imperfect

This season we expect the number of people have microblading to increase along with Dermaroller treatments to improve their skin texture after the warm summer season. 

Waxing and skin care problems

Posted by Sarah Barnett on April 20, 2017 at 4:25 AM

Sometimes after waxing clients my say a few days later they have something like a scab or burn mark on their eyebrow. The natural reaction is it is something we did or our wax was too hot. We take great care to keep our wax at the right temperature and ensure problems dont arise by testing on our wrist.

We completely understand why you would think it was us. The truth is that often the problem can be caused by the products the client uses at home. Many skin care products today contain ingredients that can cause thinning of the skin. The main culprits in terms of these ingredients are AHAS (including lactic acid and glcolic acide, Vitamin A and Vitamin A derivatives (including Retinol, Retinoid and Retinaldehyde) and BHA (salicylic acid). Due to their amazing beneifts in terms of improving the appearance and quality of skin cells .

You might not even realise you are using one with one of these ingredients in. Many high street brands contain these ingredients. Many clients use Dermalogica nad Environ and these contain AHA.

Dont worry you dont need to give up on your eyebrows

- consider threading instead

- stop using the cream for 1 week either side of your treatment

- you can proceed but in the knowledge you may have some problems


Finding a good waxing salon

Posted by Sarah Barnett on April 20, 2017 at 4:10 AM

Finding a good waxing salon


How clean is the waxing station?

Does the therapist re use the spatula time and after time? We call this double dipping. This will spread bacteria from client to client and I am pleased to say this is something we do not do.


If your really struggling with the pain - the therapist might not be very experienced. There should only be a very slight sting which will quickly pass in a second. If you find you leave the salon feeling like you have ridden a horse this is completely wrong. Find yourself a new waxer


Does your therapist give you aftercare advice? We are pleased to say that we now send out an email with all the aftercare advice you need before your appointment to ensure you minimise things like ingrowing hair. This along with our new free waxing mittens helps you have an enjoyable experience and keep your skin looking good.

Next time your in Poole why not pop in to see us ? x

Getting ready for your wedding

Posted by Sarah Barnett on March 19, 2017 at 4:10 AM

Getting ready for your wedding

Here at Diva we are experts in helping you get ready towards your big day. Your beauty routine should start months ahead.

The first thing we recommend is start looking at your diet. Your diet has a massive impact on your skin. Even if you are lucky enough to be naturally slim you should still try and eat more healthy. Include lots of vegetables and fruit to give you the vitamins your body requires. Get into the habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. The difference in your hair nails and lashes will be apparent really quickly.

Ensure you get plenty of sleep. This will make you look more radiant and help with your energy levels too.

Start waxing months ahead. Dont leave it till the last minute. By waxing your legs, underarm and bikini you wont need to worry when you are on your honeymoon. The effects last weeks. Getting waxed regularly will ensure you know how your skin will react. You definitely want to start practising this 4-5 weeks before the big day.

Dont forget to look after yourself. With all the stress of planning a wedding dont forget about you. Book in for some massages and facials and allow yourself to unwind. Not only that your skin will look amazing on your big day if you have been having regular facials.

Most of all enjoy it. Its your day to feel and be the best you have ever felt.


Hayfever and lash extensions

Posted by Sarah Barnett on March 11, 2017 at 11:40 AM

Hayfever and lash extensions


Did you know that your immune system is weakened when you have hayfever? We rely on our immune system to protect us from the environment, its our defence system. An allergy occurs when the immune system reacts to pollen as if it were an enemy to the body. In response to this the immune system produces antibodies that trigger the release of a chemical called histamine which causes the symptons of hayfever.

This can result in you becoming sensitive to products. The best form of attack is to ensure you eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise so that your body is at its best.

Always keep your lashes clean - this will help you keep them longer and prevent infections. Pollen will attach itself to your lashes causing them to water. Wash them every night with water to ensure you dont go to bed with it on your lashes. Clean with a special lash cleanser 3 times a week.

My top tips for hayfever - change pillows frequently, wear sunglasses outside, wash hair often, brush pets outside, do not rub eyelashes, be careful of eye drops

If it gets really bad you might have to give up on your lashes and opt for a lash lift instead.




Eyebrow attraction

Posted by Sarah Barnett on March 5, 2017 at 5:15 AM

What makes us attracted to one person more than someone else? 

Looking good and taking care of yourself can have a massive impact on your life. Most people are fickle and we do get judged on looks. 

When you look at someones face the first thing you notice is their eyebrows. Even if your make up is perfect your eyebrows can ruin the whole look if they are not groomed. Its a fact that even babies will stare more at a symmetrical face than an unsymmetrical face. Its in our genes so its something we just do naturally. 

Eyebrows should be combed and trimmed. Taking away longer hairs will make the overall eyebrow look neater. If in doubt ask your therapist to do this the next time you have them shaped. Everyones eyebrows will follow a natural shape and its important to work with this. If you redefine them completely it could look odd. 

When talking to others our eyebrows move and show expression. If you pluck them all away they cant show your emotions.

There are some amazing products on the market. Our favourites are High Definition eyebrow pencils and Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade. This one is so simple to use and creates amazing eyebrows. You can use it to fill in gaps and create a more defined and bolder eyebrow. Once you have pencilled in your eyebrows use a concealer on a brush to go around the eyebrows which will help them look more defined. Finish off with a highlighter applied under the arch to the outer end of the eyebrow. This will help make them stand out and lift up your arch.