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Lash Master in Poole

Posted by Sarah Barnett on February 26, 2017 at 3:35 AM

Im about to go on my 3rd course in 2 years. I want to always be the best at everything I do. This course is to become a Master Volume lash artist. I love lashing even after 9 years. Things change and I intend to keep up with all the latest things to do. 


The lady I am training with is one of the UK’s top master educators, trainer, teacher and coach to those in the lash industry.Her career spans some 20 years in the beauty sector.


People come from all over the world to learn with her. This will be my 2nd lash extension course with someone like this. I love learning from the best. 

Im taking myself one step further to become a trainer myself and want to show others how to become lash artist. So many bad technicians in this area and we need to start improving on our services and Im hoping to help people. 

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