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Eyebrow attraction

Posted by Sarah Barnett on March 5, 2017 at 5:15 AM

What makes us attracted to one person more than someone else? 

Looking good and taking care of yourself can have a massive impact on your life. Most people are fickle and we do get judged on looks. 

When you look at someones face the first thing you notice is their eyebrows. Even if your make up is perfect your eyebrows can ruin the whole look if they are not groomed. Its a fact that even babies will stare more at a symmetrical face than an unsymmetrical face. Its in our genes so its something we just do naturally. 

Eyebrows should be combed and trimmed. Taking away longer hairs will make the overall eyebrow look neater. If in doubt ask your therapist to do this the next time you have them shaped. Everyones eyebrows will follow a natural shape and its important to work with this. If you redefine them completely it could look odd. 

When talking to others our eyebrows move and show expression. If you pluck them all away they cant show your emotions.

There are some amazing products on the market. Our favourites are High Definition eyebrow pencils and Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade. This one is so simple to use and creates amazing eyebrows. You can use it to fill in gaps and create a more defined and bolder eyebrow. Once you have pencilled in your eyebrows use a concealer on a brush to go around the eyebrows which will help them look more defined. Finish off with a highlighter applied under the arch to the outer end of the eyebrow. This will help make them stand out and lift up your arch.

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