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Hayfever and lash extensions

Posted by Sarah Barnett on March 11, 2017 at 11:40 AM

Hayfever and lash extensions


Did you know that your immune system is weakened when you have hayfever? We rely on our immune system to protect us from the environment, its our defence system. An allergy occurs when the immune system reacts to pollen as if it were an enemy to the body. In response to this the immune system produces antibodies that trigger the release of a chemical called histamine which causes the symptons of hayfever.

This can result in you becoming sensitive to products. The best form of attack is to ensure you eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise so that your body is at its best.

Always keep your lashes clean - this will help you keep them longer and prevent infections. Pollen will attach itself to your lashes causing them to water. Wash them every night with water to ensure you dont go to bed with it on your lashes. Clean with a special lash cleanser 3 times a week.

My top tips for hayfever - change pillows frequently, wear sunglasses outside, wash hair often, brush pets outside, do not rub eyelashes, be careful of eye drops

If it gets really bad you might have to give up on your lashes and opt for a lash lift instead.




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