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Finding a good waxing salon

Posted by Sarah Barnett on April 20, 2017 at 4:10 AM

Finding a good waxing salon


How clean is the waxing station?

Does the therapist re use the spatula time and after time? We call this double dipping. This will spread bacteria from client to client and I am pleased to say this is something we do not do.


If your really struggling with the pain - the therapist might not be very experienced. There should only be a very slight sting which will quickly pass in a second. If you find you leave the salon feeling like you have ridden a horse this is completely wrong. Find yourself a new waxer


Does your therapist give you aftercare advice? We are pleased to say that we now send out an email with all the aftercare advice you need before your appointment to ensure you minimise things like ingrowing hair. This along with our new free waxing mittens helps you have an enjoyable experience and keep your skin looking good.

Next time your in Poole why not pop in to see us ? x

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