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Waxing and skin care problems

Posted by Sarah Barnett on April 20, 2017 at 4:25 AM

Sometimes after waxing clients my say a few days later they have something like a scab or burn mark on their eyebrow. The natural reaction is it is something we did or our wax was too hot. We take great care to keep our wax at the right temperature and ensure problems dont arise by testing on our wrist.

We completely understand why you would think it was us. The truth is that often the problem can be caused by the products the client uses at home. Many skin care products today contain ingredients that can cause thinning of the skin. The main culprits in terms of these ingredients are AHAS (including lactic acid and glcolic acide, Vitamin A and Vitamin A derivatives (including Retinol, Retinoid and Retinaldehyde) and BHA (salicylic acid). Due to their amazing beneifts in terms of improving the appearance and quality of skin cells .

You might not even realise you are using one with one of these ingredients in. Many high street brands contain these ingredients. Many clients use Dermalogica nad Environ and these contain AHA.

Dont worry you dont need to give up on your eyebrows

- consider threading instead

- stop using the cream for 1 week either side of your treatment

- you can proceed but in the knowledge you may have some problems


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