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Corona virus update

Posted by Sarah Barnett on May 1, 2020 at 9:05 AM

Hi everyone

Firstly I just want to say these are tremendously hard times for all of us. Having our lives turned upside down and changed along with the fear of catching Coronavirus. I for one have decided to stay positive and embrace learning new skills and enjoying spending time with my wonderful fiancee Ben and my daughter. I have no idea when or if life will ever be the same but I know I appreciate what I had so much more. 

We still don't have a date for when salons can reopen but I am taking my own precautions after doing a lot of research into what I need to do to stay safe. As I work from home its important I dont take risks for my clients and my family. 

So far I have decided to do the following~ 

I will be wearing a mask during your whole appointment from arrival

Most treatments I will wear gloves and disinfect my hands in between clients as well

All tools will be sanitised as per my usual routines but put away in a sterile box in between clients.

All blankets locked away in sealed box 

Clients will be required to bring own mask and leave this on until they leave

Clients required to leave all items in a closed box - coat, phone bag etc that I can sanitise in between clients. No phones allowed out they must stay in the box

All shoes removed at door

Hair nets to be worn by client during treatments when I am sat closely to your face 

All items on bed to be changed for every client along with a plastic washable cover that will be sanitised in between clients. 

All blankets removed but if you are cold I will provide one that will be washed in hot wash and not be used again for another client

All surfaces touched by me and client to be sanitised in between clients

All product bottles are now in pump dispensers and will be washed in between clients

20 minutes in between each client for me to clean. Clients will get a text to ask them to come to the door. Clients need to wait for this text before coming to the door.

That's what I am planning so far, they may be other things I add as we learn more. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well xxx

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