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Dynamic cleanser £25.49

A highly active cleanser to thoroughly cleanse and resurface ageing skin. A lactic acid complex exfoliates and renews the skins surface. For pigmented or ageing skin.

Contains - lactic acid, squalene, cotton seed oil, geranium, argan oil. 

Resurfacing exfoliant and C bright primer £31.50

Removes dull skin build up helping minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Leaves skin soft and smooth. Glycolic acid to loosen surface debris and gently exfoliate.Soothing grape leaf extract with anti inflammatory benefits. 

C bright primer - Provides broad spectrum UV protection 

Luminates and gives a healthy glow under make up. Lumisphere technology helps stabilise the tyrosinase enzyme and brightens pigmentation. Vitamin c acts as an antioxidant . Cucumber extracts soothes skin. 

Illuminator £30

For hyperpigmented skin caused by UV light and sun damage. Melasma cause by hormonal imbalance. Inhibits the enzymatic reaction which leads to over production of melanin  and hyperpigmented areas. Calms redness and illuminates the skin. 

Vitamin C and botanicals, speedwell herb extract, mulberry, skullcap extract and balm mint. 

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