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 Every client is different and all lashes look different once applied. I will always work within the limits of what your natural lashes can support and will never go too long or heavy in a way that might damage your natural lash. I have been a lash artist for 12 years. I take new courses every year and in the last year I have done mega volume eyelash extension training, eyelash extensions styling course and Kim K styling courses. 

My clients come from Bournemouth and Poole and further away as they are looking for someone who offers not just lashes but ones that are tailored to their face and eye shape. They come to me as I only use the best products and work with the strictest hygiene procedures.

Semi permanent lash extensions are a great way to transform your whole face. These should not be confused with cluster lashes which are completely different. Each one of your natural lashes has a synthetic lash applied making it look longer and fuller. Along with your technician you can decide on the look you want from something completely natural to full on glamour. I stock a massive range of lashes from the best suppliers in the world. The result is beautiful lashes that look real. A very small amount of glue is applied to attach the lash to your own natural ones. 

Please try to come to your appointment fresh faced. If you cant I understand but time taking off waterproof mascara means less time for me to apply your lashes. I love it when you come with spotlessly clean lashes.

Classic lashes start at £45 and fuller sets are £55

Russian Volume lash from £60-70 - fanned out lashes which create volume - these are hand made and not pre made

Mega volume lashes £80 - hand made fan lashes super fluffy, very dark

Please see below for example of our work


"Volume" lashes are a NEW technique that entered the North American lash industry in 2013.

Volume lashes (aka Russian Volume) was, in fact, developed by  master lash artists in Russia and Ukraine some say 3-5 years ago! Irina Levchuk of Lash & Brow Academy from Russia brought her own volume technique to Canada in May 2013, for the first hands-on RuVol training in North America!

It is clear, our lash industry will never be the same! VOLUME is here to stay!

What makes volume different from classic?

Volume lashes use very fine lashes made into a fan by your lash artist and applied to one lash. These are nothing like cluster lashes its all done by our tweezers. Classic lashes apply one thicker lash to one of your own. Volume are fluffy with lots of lashes applied.

Whats happens after Ive worn them for a few weeks?

You can either have them professionally removed by us or we can infill them. An infill involves adding new ones and tidying up the old ones. For Russian volume lashes we normally expect to infill them every 3/4 weeks and for classic lashes 2/3 weeks. 

I can get them down the road for £15! Why are you so expensive?

We dont offer cluster lashes which is what I can guarantee they are for £15. Pre made fans that are pre dipped in glue. They are heavy and damaging to the natural lash and that is why we dont offer them. Volume lashes take at least 2 hours to apply, cluster lashes about 20 minutes. I was personally trained by a famous lash judge in this technique and consider myself to be a lash artist. 

Can I use mascara with my eyelashes?

We stock mascara that can be washed off with water if you really feel you want to still wear it. Its best not to wear any.

Before and after care

Its really important that you dont have a hot shower or bath for 24 hours after wards. This will affect the adherence of the lash. We also recommend no saunas, no workings out and no swimming for at least 48 hours. Please dont arrange to have your hair done after your lashes. The glue needs a full 24 hours to set.

Important note
Any reactions to our products is not foreseeable the Divas Lash and Brow Bar. All care is taken to ensure your safety by way of patch testing. No refunds will be issued for allergic reactions. However we offer a free lash removal service if you do find you develop a reaction. You will need to inform us immediately if this happens so that we can remove your lashes. 
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