Diva Beauty Poole


  1. Even if you have had lashes before I always require a patch test. If you had the lashes with me more than six months ago  I require a patch test. Please call me to book one in.
  2. Please attend these appointments on your own. I require complete concentration and do not want to be disturbed by friends and children. When you arrive I will discuss your requirements and offer the best lashes according to the health and strength of your own. Your lash health is very important to me. 
  3.  During the process we might not speak much as talking can both slow the process and also eyes and expressions can move hindering the application.
  4. I can not offer guarantees for how your lashes will look as it depends on your own natural lashes. Please let me know with 24 hours if you are unhappy with your lashes. If you can have an idea from looking at my photos of the sytle of lashes you require this will help me greatly. We can work together to ensure you are very happy with your chosen lash style.

Aftercare Advice
  1. In the first 24-48hrs you must avoid- washing the lashes, hot baths, saunas, swimming, steam rooms etc. Your lashes are not waterproof until after this time. You can wash around them carefully, but excess water must be avoided.
  2. Please try and wash lashes every day with water. You should also use one of our special lash cleansers to ensure they are completely clean. We will show you how to do this at your appointment. 
  3. Lashes must only be washed with the products stated above. If you use wet wipes/face wipes of any kind then your lashes will start to become a problem. Wet wipes do not clean correctly they rather move dirt and oils around than get rid of it.
  4. As well as wet wipes here are other products that must be avoided at all costs: cotton wool/buds. Oil based products, waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. Hard to remove makeup will certainly be the end of your lashes. When lashes are left with a build up of makeup they will become clogged, itchy and sore and once they shed they will take your own lashes also. Please however avoid mascaras and even more so if you have volume lashes applied. Mascara closes over volume lashes and destroys them very quickly.
  5. Do not be afraid of washing and brushing your lashes. The odd one may come off. However they are designed to shed. At your appointment around 100-200  false lashes will be applied to each eye. Natural lashes have a cycle of growth and they continually grow and shed all the time. In the months of April and September when there are environmental changes to the climate your lashes may shed faster. This process will be largely unnoticeable to you.
  6. We recommend infills every 2/3 weeks and 3/4 with volume lashes so that we may remove old grown out lashes and replace them with fresh new ones. 
  7. We can not stress enough about your infill appointments that you must wash your lashes before you come to us. Please ensure that you have no mascara on them and never wear waterproof. The time we have to spend cleaning lashes means we will have less time working on your fabulous lashes. If they are not clean you will find your lashes shed quicker as we can only ensure proper adhesion with clean lashes.A

Lash complications

Please ensure you follow all aftercare advice otherwise problems can occur. These include your lashes falling out quickly, itchiness and discomfort. You can also get bacterial infections if you do not clean your eyelash extensions. Oil dust and dirt can build up on them creating problems so we recommend washing regularly with special solutions and also cleaning with water.