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Price list

All bookings and prices are now on my online booking page. Please click on the green tick below to be taken to my online bookings

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COVID 19 procedures 

I am currently closed but when the government inform me I can open this is what I will be doing to control infection and spread of Covid 19. It's a massive list but after completing several courses on Covid 19 I feel I must take these precautions to be able to open up safely. It might seem a bit much but I feel as your coming to my home I must do this to protect you and your families and me and my family. 

  • Personally signing up to the track and trace app so that my clients can rest assured that I do not have Covid 19. This will only work if you have signed up as well
  • All clients must arrive already wearing their OWN mask - these can be easily made at home if you cant get hold of one
  • I will be wearing a mask from the time you arrive all the way through your time with me
  • My hands will be washed before and after your treatment and I will wear gloves where possible
  • I will ask all clients to wash their hands on arrival
  • All shoes must be removed on arrival. Coats, bags and all other personal belongings including phones must be put in a box I will supply that has been sanitised in between clients
  • No drinks will be offered but your welcome to bring a closed water bottle if you need
  • No visitors just you and I in the room
  • One in one out as far as clients with 30 minutes in between for me to sanitise the room
  • No walk ins and no one allowed early to appointment as I must clean everything
  • My treatment bed now has a plastic sheet covering and I use Saloncide on it which kills all known virus and bacteria
  • If I need to use a towel for massage etc or blankets if your cold these will be put in a storage box as soon as I finish and boil washed at 60 degrees for every client
  • All clients to have their own box of lashes so I don't cross contaminate the strips they come in 
  • All items used on clients disposed in a lidded bin (same as always)
  • All items washed first then in Barbicide then rinsed and dried in a sealed container that is sanitised each time. This will include tweezers and other metal nail implements
  • No lip or chin waxing as you need to keep your mask on
  • Clients to have their own nail files that I supply and put away for their next appointment. These will be sanitised
  • I have changed all my trolleys and furniture to items that I can wash in between every client as this virus is airborne. 
  • I will only be taking bookings by my link on here and no treatments under £20 because of all the cleaning I will have to do in between each client. 
  • I will have an air purifier, windows open and nail dust extractor in place when I reopen
  • Bathroom to be sanitised in between each client
  • Any client with a cough or temperature must be rebook their appointment with me

I think that's it! I may add or change things as I get government guidance but I'm not taking any risks for your sake and mine. I would feel awful to have spread anything. It might seem a bit much but I would rather you felt comfortable knowing I am doing everything in my power to protect you. 

I literally can't wait to see you all again xxx