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Introducing the Galvanic spa which delivers incredible instant anti ageing results. This spa will be on sale between now and 26th November with 40% off. You will not believe the instant results from this. You can use it up to 3 times a week for skin firming and face lifting results. No pain, no needs, no sore skin.

It uses electrical currents to drive our AgeLOC anti ageing facial gels 5 layers deep into the skin. The pretreatment gel uses negative charges to target toxins, fat stores and deep set wrinkles. The facial gel in step two then uses a positive charge to draw the toxins out and replace them with our Ageloc ingreients. The entire treatments takes 10 minutes and the device is battery operated. You simply wet your hand before use and place it on the metal plate at the back of the devide. Apply the facial treatment gels and glide the device around your face. Lift and hold on areas of concern. 

Who would love this?

It would be perfect for you, your mum, mother in law, grandma. Even the men in your life. 

What does it do?

Decreases fine lines and wrinkles

Smoothes cellulite

Skin looks younger and revitalised

How much is it? 

It usally costs £388 and in the sale up until 26th November its priced at just £230!!! It comes with 4 treatment heads for facials, scalp and body and eyes. For an extra pack of facial gels its usually £51.20 but pre black Friday they will be £31.54. The only way to order at this price is via me directly. Please message me to order one. I will need payment by 25th November.


Lumispa is a waterproof and rechargeable handheld skin care device. It has a silicone massage head that cleans away dirt, oil, make up and toxins. The vibrations of the device work deep within the skin to restore lost collagen and give you firmer and tighter skin. 

Its comes with its very own cleanser and you can choose from Normal/combination, sensitive. blemish, oily and sensitive. It will help clear up spots, tighten pores, firm your skin and deep cleanse. Its just 2 minutes a day for better skin. 

Its very hygienic  and gentle enough to cleanse twice a day. At night it destresses the skin and deeply cleanses. You can even use it the shower. 

To find out more please click below on the green arrow. Or you can email me at divaslashbar@hotmail.com for some exclusive discounts x