Diva Beauty Poole


I am a waxing specialist, you will find me very personable and understanding and appreciate this can be difficult when you first arrive. I hope to make you feel at home.

I have done so much research into waxing and I use two brands, Adam and Eve and Starpil. Both offer high end waxing that hurts less than usual waxing. For intimate areas and your face and underarm I can use hot wax which is the wax without strips. 

Designed to make waxing a first class experience from start to finish, Adam and Eve is a buttery soft peelable wax that is applied like a strip wax, but peeled off by hand, eliminating the need for paper or cloth strips. Its low melting point means improved client comfort on the most sensitive of body parts, making it a must-have for intimate waxing and delicate areas. 

My treatment room is in Parkstone Poole and is very discreet and I am easy to find once you are in Poole.

Our wax is the best you can buy ..because..

  • It is made in Australia with only the highest quality ingredients and essential oils.
  • Completely vegan
  • It works at low temperature, has superior grip, is quick drying and pliable.
  • Our Hot Waxes shrink wrap the hair, not the skin, causing less irritation.
  • Consistently remove hairs as short as 1mm long.
  • Less pain …………YES REALLY!


Getting an intimate wax

I do ask clients to remove all underwear. I use wax without strips which I have to leave to dry on each area. Underwear gets in the way and means I cant access all areas so easily.  Over the years I have seen it all before and while I am busy chatting away to you I am only concentrating on getting the wax off. Please dont worry, I am very professional. My Brazilians and Hollywood include all hair removed underneath. 


Due to Covid restriction when I reopen please ensure you shower before you arrive. I can no longer provide wipes but your welcome to bring your own and use my bathroom. 

How do I prepare?

You should exfoliate before a wax and arrive clean & fresh, wipes will be available to all clients. You will need 4 weeks growth or 5mm of hair for successful treatment. Redness, a rash and tenderness are all normal reactions to waxing, these will subside within a day or two and people who Wax regularly suffer far less. 


Please dont turn up in tight leggings, underwear or jeans. This irritates the skin afterwards. Loose clothing is perfect. 


Try not to worry about it, the best thing to do is talk to your therapist to take your mind off it. We are all experienced waxers so you are in good hands. With our knowledge and use of hot wax with no strips its much better than your average salon. Trust in professionals who do this all the time.

Our Hygiene Policy, 

I take Hygiene seriously and want to protect you and ourselves therefore we always wear gloves (vinyl not latex) when Waxing. I don’t Double Dip, I use a clean spatula each time I dip into the wax and then throw it away and take another fresh spatula. I keep all tweezers & scissors in Barbicide which is a hospital grade disinfectant. These are then stored in an enclosed box after cleaning. 


For 24 hrs after you've been waxed, avoid sun, deodorant, really hot showers/baths, chlorinated pools, gym/exercise classes, solariums, spas and saunas as these will irritate the skin. Please exfoliate 24 hours before you visit us and then again 3 days after visiting. This is to cut down on ingrown hairs as some people are prone to them. Its important to moisturise to keep the skin in its best condition. 

Our bikini wax is a small area of hair at the front down the sides of the bikini and across the top part of the pubic area. 

G string bikini includes a larger amount removed from the front. Then we will ask you to move your legs into a right angle and pull your bikini tightly so that we can remove hair that is coming out of your bikini underneath. It does not include removing hair from the lips. 

Brazilian wax we take all hair off underneath including inner and outer labia and bottom. We leave either a triangle or small strip at the front. 

Hollywood wax is all hair removed. Our waxing is quick and gentle. We only use hot wax with no strips underneath for your comfort. 

As part of the bikini process we do not remove stray hairs from your legs. Please ensure you book a leg wax for this.